Welcome to Orderhood

The Team Orderhood is grateful to you for using this wonderful App. Our goal is to make daily commerce in the neighbourhood easy and convenient for the consumers and the business owners alike.

In this forum we will try to address the most common question you may have in your mind.

Orderhood's Vision

In today's world, daily commerce is heavily dominated by the big ecommerce-cum-fulfilment players. Often, these companies source their products and services from the local businesses and resell them under their own brand. This comes with increase in the cost of goods but with a lot of convenience for the consumers. The local kirana shops however were being left out in the race as they couldn't provide such convenient online platforms and delivery services. In many cased consumers still prefer to go to local shops with a human face, which they trust more than a faceless ecommerce portal.

To stay afloat in the market, these Kirana shops started using WhatsApp and other chat applications to receive orders. But those were not built for order management and most often becomes impossible to use frequently for ordering.

Orderhood's goal is to provide an App platform to these shops to serve their customers better. From customers point of view, using one Orderhood App they can discover all their local business and manage all kinds of orders from one App.

Q1. Does Orderhood provide home delivery?

Ans: Orderhood provides a digital ordering platform and doesn't provide fulfilment services. The fulfilment of the Orders will be performed by the shops themselves. Orderhood is a tool that connects the consumers with the local shops and provides a beautiful, easy to use e-commerce Interface to manage their daily needs.

Q2. Is Orderhood available all over India?

Ans: Being an online IT platform, yes, it is available anywhere in India. All you need is an Indian mobile number to user Orderhood.

Q3. Does Orderhood Catalog work only for pharmacies?

Ans: As on date, yes Orderhood has a fully baked catalog of medicines and the interface is designed for ordering medicines and related products from a pharmacy. For the other kinds of shops, the shop owner is expected to upload image of his catalog (such as Menu Card for a restuarant) or visuals of his shop displaying the good he is selling.

Q4. I have a business. How can I benefit from Orderhood?

Ans: Our application is essentially a smart-phone interface between your ERP/Biling system (if you have one) and the consumers in your neighbourhood. It has order lifecycle management workflow, built-in chat system and way to exchange documents such as prescriptions, shopping list, bills and text messages.

Q5. Does it work for restaurants, grocery stores, general shops and even home service providers such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, dressers etc.?

Ans: Orderhood is a generic tool and works for any kind of business.

Q6. How will the customers know which products are currently in stock of the shop?

Ans: Orderhood is built to make use of the fact that they already buy from the local shops and therefore they already know what the shop sells. Similarly the shop owners know their local customer base and their demand. Even if a product is not available, the interactive chat system and the workflow helps adjust the order for fulfilment.

Q7. Well, so what more can Orderhood do beyond Apps like WhatsApp?

Ans: WhatsApp or any other chat system is suitable for only ad hoc chatting. These are not suitable for order management. Orderhood not only has fully baked in Order life cycle management solution like 1mg-Pharmeasy-Netmeds for medicines, this new release also provides Zomato-Swiggy like interface for restaurants and groceries and beyond. Its a true neighbourhood commerce application.

Q8. How do you position your App against Bikayi, or Dukaan or Shoopy?

Ans: Those applications do not provide Order management solutions. They provide you mostly Inventory management. For example, Bikayi wants you to place orders with WhatsApp. Why use multiple Apps when you can do it all in one App - Orderhood.

Q9. How about payment collection?

Ans: Consumers pay the store directly using their preferred method, Orderhood only facilitates the process.